Quality tutoring for all primary age children


 Every child has the capacity to achieve great things and with the right approach they can succeed in all areas of learning. It is important for a child to have confidence in their own abilities and for learning to be fun.



What I offer

11+ coaching

KS1 Curriculum support in all subjects

KS2 Curriculum support in all subjects

KS1 + KS2 SATS coaching


Tutoring takes place within my home therefore if you are happy to travel I am more than happy to support your child.


Feel free to contact me 

Tel No: 01427 728801

email: chanteld@live.co.uk




Does your child lack in confidence?

Does your child simply need more practise?

Does your child need a boost in a particular subject?

Does your child wish to take the 11+?

Does your child wish to improve their levels in the SATs?

Does your child find it hard to concentrate in class?

If yes then please give me a call and we can discuss how I can help your child succeed.